How to attach strap of flip flop?

13th, June, 2016

How to attach strap of flip flop or slippers? It is a typical procedure of making flip flop or slippers. In most of shoe factories, the procedure of attaching is completely handled by hands, with a hook tool. It is quite effective for experienced worker in a short time. But, for a new coming worker, or working for a long time without rest, there is a big decline of operation efficiency. And it is also a risk for workers, operating with a sharp hook tool.

How to attach strap of flip flop or slippers in newly built factories? Instead of hook tool operation, the strap attaching machine(SLM-8-01& SLM-8-02, machine video) is used normally. By Attaching three points of strap at the same time with easy operation, for both experienced or non-experienced workers, it improves Productivity, and saves human resource cost as well.

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