Hot &Cold Back Part Molding Machine

Hot &Cold Back Part Molding Machine, SLM-5-01 Hot & Cold Back Part Molding Machine, applicable of different kinds of shoes counters for hot and cold [...]

Hot & Cold Shaping Machine

Hot & Cold Shaping Machine, SLM-5-02 With unique camber lasting design, Hot & Cold Shaping Machine is applicable for shoe welt shaping. 1. With [...]

Hot&Cold Welt Shaping Machine

Hot&Cold Welt Shaping Machine, SLM-5-03 1. The machine is applicable to cutting of various nonmetal materials by die cutter. 2. The use of time control [...]

Back Part Molding Machine

Back Part Molding Machine, SLM-5-04 Back Part Molding Machine, used for back heels heat molding 1. When cylinder descends, rubber mold will closely press against [...]

Vacuum Sulfur-Heating Molding Machine

Vacuum Sulfur-Heating Molding Machine, SLM-5-05 Vacuum Sulfur-Heating Molding Machine ·Utilize the sealed type to heat, vacuum shaping, make the vamp and shoe last identical; ·The [...]

Rapid Heating & Molding Machine

Rapid Heating & Molding Machine, SLM-5-06 Rapid Heating & Molding Machine adopts Italian technology and parts, utilize the fast hot humid wind to act on [...]

Rapid Free Molding Machine

Rapid Free Molding Machine, SLM-5-07 Rapid Free Molding Machine adopts Italian technology and Italy-imported compressor, utilize low-temperature high-speed cold-blast wind to act on the shoes [...]

Aerial Heating & Molding Machine

Aerial Heating & Molding Machine, SLM-5-08 Aerial Heating & Molding Machine is used to save the use area of workshop. It is designed to fully [...]

Aerial Refrigerating Machine

Aerial Refrigerating Machine, SLM-5-09 1. The solid overhead cold forming machine is used for saving the workshop space. Aerial Refrigerating Machine is designed to fully [...]

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