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Aerial Heating & Molding Machine, SLM-5-08

Aerial Heating & Molding Machine, SLM-5-08

Aerial Heating & Molding Machine is used to save the use area of workshop. It is designed to fully make use of the space and easily operate

1.Power heating adopts dense circulation of heat resource in order to equably distribute the heat quantity. Oil heating adopts Italian imported burning machine, which can quickly increase the temperature, equably distribute the heat quantity and quickly circulate the hot air in order to reach the effect of quickly drying. The temperature and speed can be properly adjusted;
2.The oil heating system can be used more securely after being improved;
3.We also support near infrared ray as the heat resource of the overhead heat forming machine.

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Aerial Heating & Molding Machine SLM-5-08-ASLM-5-08-BSLM-5-08-CSLM-5-08-D
Heating MethodElectric HeatingOil HeatingElectric & OilNear Infrared
Power24 KW5 Kw24 Kw18Kw
Burner10 Kg10 Kg

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