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EVA Shoe Injection Moulding Machine, SLM-6-11

EVA Shoe Injection Moulding Machine, SLM-6-11

1. Adopt design of larger die holder, produce more in the same time, which increasing the productivity a lot.
2. The error between two mold can be automatic compensated.
3. The injection oil hydraulic system adopts the proportional flow pressure control valve
4. The injection part controlled by 5-stage PID, achieve the setting temperature fast and steadily to insure the high quality of completed products
5. Adopt the function of auto diagnosis and maintain to operate the monitor system, where the machine status shown.
6. Controlled and operated by the touch screen PLC.

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EVA Shoe Injection Moulding MachineSLM-6-11
Work Stations6stations
Clamping Force180tons
Mould Space285*520*2mm
Opening Stroke340mm
Screw Diameter60mm
Injection Capacity600cc
Injection Pressure1000kg/cm²
Injection Speed10cm/sel
Screw rotate speed0-185r.p.m
Temperature Control4point
Machine Dimension7800*5000*2700mm(L*W*H)
Machine Weight26000kg

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