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Hot Cement Folding Machine, SLM-2-01

Hot Cement Folding Machine, SLM-2-01

1. Computer chip controls the automatic cement folding circuitry, intelligentize the whole operation process.
2. Digital control touch panel, stepless adjustable glue melting temperature, glue flow quantity and glue flow temperature.
3. Electromagnet transmission automatically adjusts to slow speed when outer bend folding.
4. Advanced turnover structure, convenient adjustment and nice folding effect.
5. Automatic servo motor position, which can save 40% electric power.
6. Folding width can be adjusted between 3mm and 8mm, and reinforcing belt can be folded in at same time.

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Hot Cement Folding MachineSLM-2-01
Motor power0.4kw
Heating power0.75KW
General power1.15kw
voltage220V 50Hz
Power supply phase2-phase
Edge folding width3-8mm

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