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Hot & Cold Shaping Machine, SLM-5-02

Hot & Cold Shaping Machine, SLM-5-02

With unique camber lasting design, Hot & Cold Shaping Machine is applicable for shoe welt shaping.

1. With separate action of press and hold, the shoe upper is free from being damaged when uppers rub against the molds.
2. According to the material of shoe upper, it is adjustable for heating of hot silicon molds and aluminum molds, shaping temperature and time, speed of setting the silicon molds. Short time is required to soften of shoe upper.
3. The cold aluminum molds cool down rapidly and the cooling temperature is adjustable to minimum -18℃. The result from shaping is ideal and the shoes to be made will be nice and comfortable.

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Hot & Cold Shaping Machine SLM-5-02
Motor Power1.3 Kw
Heating Power0.66 Kw
General Power1.96 Kw
Power Supply Voltage220 V
Power Supply Phase2-Phase
Frequency50 Hz
Exhaust200 dm³/min
Pneumatic Pressure0.5~0.7 Mpa
Machine Net Weight340 Kg
Machine Gross Weight420 Kg
External Dimensions1440*620*1780 mm
Package Dimensions1580*760*1930 mm

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