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Leather Folding Machine, SLM-2-03

Leather Folding Machine, SLM-2-03

1. The advanced folding mechanism can be adjusted easily.
2. Folding width can be adjusted from 3mm to 6.5mm, and reinforcing belt can be folded in at same time.
3. Automatic cutting when incurve.
4. Excellent performance and simple operation.
5. Leather folding mode & French edging mode are both available.
6. 5-10 times manual operation for working efficiency

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Leather Folding Machine SLM-2-03
Motor Power 0.4 Kw
Power Supply Voltage 220 V
Power Supply Phase 2-Phase
Frequency 50 Hz
Net Weight 80 Kg
Package Weight 92 Kg
External Dimensions 1200*550*1100 mm
Package Dimensions 1300*680*1200 mm

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