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Leather Spire Cutting Line Machine, SLM-1-05

Leather Spire Cutting Line Machine, SLM-1-05

The machine is used for cutting soft or hard leather, which the thickness is from 0.5mm to 4mm, into the needed width line. It has functions of high accuracy, fast cutting speed, adjustable cutting width and equipping with knife-grinder, The machine is widely used for cutting line of raw material that used in industries such as clothes, case and bag, shoe making(leather shoelace), etc.

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Leather Spire Cutting Line MachineSLM-1-05
Power of Motor0.75 Kw
Thickness of leather0.5-4 mm
Cutting Speed10-150 m/min
Cutting Width2-10 mm
Maximum Cutting Diameter1040 mm
Dimension1230*1140*1110 mm
Weight195 kg

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