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Multi-Function Latex Spraying Machine, SLM-2-11

Multi-Function Latex Spraying Machine, SLM-2-11

1. The latex becomes nebulized after passing the special nozzle and paints on material surface homogeneously.
2. Installed with switch for water and latex spraying, which is easy to operate.
3. Latex stored in Pressurized barrel.
4. Rinse the nozzle with water from the pressure barrel after latex spraying in case of jam and in convenient of next use.
5. Nebulized latex molecules are absorbed into the plate through draught fan and solidify, which avoids environment pollution and improves working conditions.

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Multi-Function Latex Spraying MachineSLM-2-11
Motor Power0.75 Kw
General Power0.8 Kw
Power Supply Voltage380 V
Power Supply Phase3-Phase
Frequency50 Hz
Pneumatic Pressure0.5-0.7 Mpa
Air Injection Pressure0.15-0.3 Mpa
Spraying Area560*350 mm
Machine Net Weight167 Kg
Package Weight220 Kg
External Dimensions1200*750*1670mm
Package Dimensions1320*800*1350 mm

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