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PVC Air Blowing Sole Injection Machine, SLM-6-07

PVC Air Blowing Sole Injection Machine, SLM-6-07

Design to make PVC sole of single color, men and women dragged sandals, slippers and jelly shoes, etc.

1. Full computer control, human-machine interface humanization, simple operation.
2. Energy saving and efficiency increased.
3. Larger injection capacity and clamping force.
4. The rotation of workstation is characterized by continuously variable speed, lower noise and steady.
5. Preparing device and injection device are controlled proportionally, besides, the speed, material capacity and pressure are adjustable to ensures the quality of products.
6. Work station can be chose freely according to different requirements of production.

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PVC Air Blowing Sole Injection MachineSLM-6-07
Number of work station12-24stations
Screw length diameter ratio150-220L/d
Screw diameter70mm
Max. injection volume785cm3
Max. injection pressure140Kg/cm2
Mould clamping Force70Tons
Mould space600*280*230mm
Temperature Control4Sets
Heating bands power9.18Kw
Total electric consumption28.79Kw
Machine Size6.2*3.53*2.3m

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