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Rapid Free Molding Machine, SLM-5-07

Rapid Free Molding Machine, SLM-5-07

Rapid Free Molding Machine adopts Italian technology and Italy-imported compressor, utilize low-temperature high-speed cold-blast wind to act on the shoes to lower the temperature and finalize the design fast.

1. Powerful refrigeration system and recirculation system of 2800 rmp high-speed blast volume guarantee the rapid refrigeration.
2. Double track air conditioning, dual auto-doors, automatically defrosting, and fast freezing setting.
3. Reache the temperature to around -15℃ in a few minutes
4. Economize on electricity, space and shoe last.

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Rapid Free Molding MachineSLM-5-07-ASLM-5-07-BSLM-5-07-CSLM-5-07-D
Compressor Power3HP3HP+3HP3HP+3HP3HP+3HP
Air Supply0.4MPa0.4MPa0.4MPa0.4MPa
Power Supply380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz

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