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Rapid Heating & Molding Machine, SLM-5-06

Rapid Heating & Molding Machine, SLM-5-06

Rapid Heating & Molding Machine adopts Italian technology and parts, utilize the fast hot humid wind to act on the shoes to complete forming.

1. This machine adopts special air duct design, utilizing the high-speed hotwind severe convection to complete shoe/boots forming rapidly.
2.Utilize high-temperature humid air to keep the leather not metamorphic;
3. This machine is especially designed for the boots. It can meet the production requirement of 18-inch riding boots.
4. The temperature can reach to 120℃.

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Rapid Heating & Molding MachineSLM-5-06-ASLM-5-06-B
Model4 tunnel6 tunnel
Dimensions3800*950*1400mm4200×1300×1430 mm
Power27 Kw27 Kw
Air Supply0.4 Mpa0.4 Mpa

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