FAQ for PU pouring shoe sole moulding machine

1. what are the details of the mixing head and metering system?
> Rotation speed of pouring mixing head: 4800-8000RPM
> Cleaning type of pouring mixing head: automatic, the mixing head will be cleaning in 6 seconds if not used, which is controlled by PLC
> Metering system: the mixing metering system is controlled by measuring pump, installed in each tank.
> Rotation speed of measuring pump: 60-300RPM
> Measuring pump precision: +/- 0.5%
2. what are the tank capacity?
> The tank capacity is 120L, it can be up-graded to 250L (extra fee)
3. How many tanks are there?
> There are 3 tanks installed in PU machine, matched for material A1, A2 and B.
4. What is the power capacity of each motor?
> 380V, 550W
5. How many motors are installed in the system?
> U – line transport unit: one motor
> There is one motor installed in each tank.
6. How long is the heat tunnel?
> Heat tunnel: 12m (length)

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