Shoe machine equipped with servo motor

27th, May, 2016

Starlink shoe machinery is upgraded with servo motor system! Servo motor is applied in many industries, considered that perform with higher precision and less energy cost. The servo motor system is completed in our rotary PVC shoe injection moulding machine (SLM-6-01). So far, we upgraded machine with servo motor for about 50 clients. The analysis data from machine running status shows that:

  1. The average energy cost is reduced from 17.5Kwh to 8.5 Kwh.
  2. Lower temperature of hydraulic oil when running the machine, less cost in cooling.
  3. Faster response speed of motor, results to more production.(average 13 pairs/h increased compared non-servo)
  4. Lower noise

STARLINK is mobilizing resources to apply servo motor system in our more machines, for better user experience.