Why not start your own shoe factory business? Every person in this world needs a good pair of shoe. With this, a business in the shoe industry is one of the most profitable industries that could bring success to any entrepreneur with the right skill and good business sense.
To startup a shoe factory business, it is important to make a plan about purchasing shoe machinery and equipments, which are needed in manufacturing shoes. The following are some points and guidelines to be remembered in choosing a right machine or supplier, when establishing your own shoe factory.

7 Tips To Choose Correct Machine In Purchasing Process

1 Check machine model and usage. 

Some machines look alike in feature and also similar in usage, but it will not work if you buy a machine with wrong model.

2 Machine dimension.

As the direct manufacturer of shoe machines, we suggest buyers to calculate the machine dimension and the factory square. Efficient arrangement for machine setup will lead convenient use and easy operation.

3 Technical parameters

Some parameters need to be adjusted according to different country, area or materials. These information need notifying before purchase.

4 Spare parts and wearing parts

Make clear about list of spare parts and wearing parts, and evaluate the lifetime of these parts, and it will save your time, also save your money.

5 Training

Make sure if there is any training about machine use and troubleshooting. Machine manual or video of installation &usage will help you much.

6 Support

Clarify if oversea support or online support will be provided. It is very IMPORTANT, it will cost you less time to resume production when meet problems.

7 On-time communication

Instant message, Email, phone call, whatever with quick response, will push the business quicker and further. Check with your supplier about communication experience!