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Universal Sole Attaching Machine, SLM-4-03

Universal Sole Attaching Machine, SLM-4-03

1. Hydraulic system with strong ability makes the outsole and upper fit securely.
2. Adjustable tilting angle of shoe head for the perfect outcome.
3. The design of automatic rebalance ensures the outsole get equally distributed pressure with no occurrence of interstices.
4. Suitable for ladies shoes with any height of heels and men shoes with any sizes.
5. Two-time automatic adjustment of pressing strength makes the outsole attached substantially.
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Universal Sole Attaching Machine SLM-4-03
 Dimensions (LWH) 1160×700×1920(mm)
 Packing size(LWH) 1260×800×2120(mm)
 Productivity 2500-3000Pairs/8Hours
 Weight 675Kg
 Power 2Hp
 Voltage 3Phase 380V 50HZ / 3Phase 220V 60HZ
 Hydraulic oil 46# anti-abrade oil

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